Committee 2019/2020


Hey guys,

We are pleased to introduce you to your committee for 2019/2020

Captain – Eoin Glennane
Secretary – Gergely Gellert
Treasurer – Oliver Browne
Trips and Events – Adam Kilbride
Safety – Mikey Dowling
Equipment and training – Philip Dermody
Intervarsities Officer – Aoife Greene
PRO – Aleksandra Forembska
Inclusivity Officer – Matthew Gault

New committee 2018/2019

Hey guys,

Here is your committee for 2018/2019

Chairperson: Ben Row
Secretary: Aoife Greene
Treasurer: Eoin Glennane
Safety officer: Conor Daly
Equipment and training officer: Gergely Gellert
Trips and events officer: Matthew McConnell
PRO: Matthew Gault
Inclusivity officer: Alice Spencer

About Us

Club History

The DCU Rock Climbing Club was founded in October 1992 by Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering postgrads. From small beginnings, it didn’t take long for the club to take off and the Climbing wall was opened for use early in 1993.

The Club took immediate advantage of its new training facility, and in October 1993, DCU hosted the inaugural round of the Irish Bouldering League, an indoor climbing competition, which continues annually to this day in climbing walls around the country during the winter period. This went a long way to promoting the name of DCU climbers among the national climbing community, as we have always been strongly represented in these competitions.

Since its foundation, way back in 1992, the club has been steadily building and maintaining a quality gear pool, ensuring that no matter what its members are attempting, they can attempt it safely. This, in conjunction with the clubs excellent policy on constant training and updating first-aid certificates, goes far in allowing all club members to climb in a safe and helpful environment.

The club has and will always put its emphasis on outdoor climbing with trips to Wales, the Burren and Glendalough. regular outings to Dalkey Quarry in County Dublin also take place. Over the past ten years however the Club has seen its members travel to, and climb in places such as Scotland, Spain, Fontainebleau, Ceuse, all over the Alps, and even take part in expeditions to some of the greater ranges in Peru and Nepal.

It looks like DCU’s fine tradition of producing some of Ireland’s best and most enthusiastic climbers is set to continue far into the future, thanks to the constant efforts of all its members, past and present.

Happy climbing!

What is Bouldering

A place close to the ground to practice falling. When climbers aren’t climbing, they like to sharpen their skills by bouldering on large rock located near impressionable tourists. Bouldering is done with bouldering mats and no roped protection, therefore the general rule is to not climb higher than you are willing to fall. This is why so many climbers stand around discussing boulder problems instead of climbing them.